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The Team

Sachin Saswade

CEO & co-Founder

Sachin is a passionate leader who loves conceptualizing, creating and delivering easy to use IoT applications that provide business benefits & value to the customers.

Sachin has 20 years of high tech industry experience in various companies such as Cisco, Wipro, McAfee, OSI, GTE research, and L&T. He has 10+ years of Product management leadership in managing service management systems for collaboration and networking technologies at Cisco.

As a business & product management leader, he managed and delivered large-scale software solutions & SaaS platforms to 4000+ enterprises, 20+ service providers & MSPs .

Sachin's alma matter includes Leavey School of Business @ Santa Clara University, Graduate School of Business @ Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology @ Mumbai, India.

Sachin and his family live in San Jose, California. In his spare time, he loves trekking and social gathering with his friends and family.

Gopal Ramanujam

CDO & co-founder

Gopal loves architecting and developing high performing and mission-critical large-scale software applications. 
He is keen on using cutting edge and open-source technologies to build innovative and user-friendly IoT solutions. 

Gopal has 20+ Years of experience in Software architecture, Design, and Development

He designed and developed large scale Cloud-based solutions for application  performance and network monitoring

Gopal loves solving complex problems by using techniques such as Machine learning.

Gopal live in San Jose, California with his family. 

Todd Lizambri

CTO & co-founder

Todd is a highly motivated and experienced leader proficient in system architectures/solutions, software development, operations, analytics and research.


Todd started his career in software as an engineer at IBM and has a passion for complex problem solving. He loves conceptualizing and applying new technologies such as sensing, machine learning and pattern matching to IoT applications in order to create value for the end-customers. 

Prior to indusintel, Todd was CTO for Saas job search engine where he led software development, operations, data analytics and research. The majority of Todd's career has focused on network and device monitoring and data aggregation at Ace*comm, Qovia, and Cisco Systems.

When not working, Todd enjoys playing competitive volleyball, watching action movies, and exploring new places with his wife and children.

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