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IndusIntel’s plug & play IIoT sensor gateway

Digitize any machine

Machines that does not provide data or have no data connectivity can be digitized using PowerPlay to detect basic states (On/Off, Active/Idle etc) of the machines.

Augmented sensors for machine behavior analysis

Sensors connected to PowerPlay enables enhanced monitoring of the machine where sensors are attached.

Data patterns from sensors are be used to detect baseline behavior as well as any anomalies in the machine behavior.

Plug and Play

Easy to configure from Smart Phone.


Once setup, PowerPlay automatically registers and communicates with the configured MachineScope server.

Wi-Fi enabled.

MachineScope PowerPlay

The IndusIntel PowerPlay (“PowerPlay”) is a “plug-and-play” IIoT sensor designed to easily and quickly integrate with the IndusIntel’s MachineScope Fusion. MachineScope analytics use PowerPlay data to detect machine states, behavior and anomaly patterns.

It is designed to support various industrial grade sensors such as current, temperature and vibration.

Trends, pattern matching and anomaly detection

MachineScope Fusion engine continuously gathers & aggregates sensor data in a highly scalable time-series database. 

MachineScope fusion applies pattern matching, machine learning techniques to identify machine behavior patterns to detect anomalies and create finger prints.

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