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Smart Manufacturing Solution

MachineScope is an innovative end-to-end solution that includes features ranging from seamless connectivity with various types of factory machines to cloud hosted analytics and machine learning bringing entire floor operation status and trends to a single pane of glass.


As a plant manager or executive, you can access MachineScope user interface from anywhere at any time to keep a tab on your factory operations.


Monitor: Collect and store key machine metrics 24x7. Correlate data across machines, jobs, locations, or shifts. Be alerted instantly when conditions occur that are outside of normal operations.

Analyze: Using a continuous feed of your data, machine learning algorithms will identify subtle changes and anomalies in your workflow that point toward inefficiencies.

Improve: Use data, not just "gut feel" to improve your operations. Identify and correct issues fast. Errors are costly if not caught early. Reduce downtime and waste.

Solution components
MachineScope Genius

Advanced data analysis for segmenting data, trending, anomaly detection and alerting​

  • Analyze performance by job, machine type, location, shift, or operator.

  • Predictive analytics and operations anomaly detection

  • Alerts and notices based on machine learning algorithms using historical factory data

  • Mobile optimized and cloud hosted for secured data access anywhere, anytime.

MachineScope - Floor Productivity
MachineScope Fusion

24/7 Real-Time Dashboard for production data and status

  • At-a-glance dashboard for multi-site performance and operations.

  • Floor level data aggregation along with drill down to machine details.

  • Alerts and notifications based off real-time non-compliance of configured thresholds

  • Secured data access for your eyes only

MachineScope Mate

Operator interface to track machine state and quality from the production floor

  • Capture operations activities

  • Record production downtime reasons

  • Verify and record part quality inspections

  • Customize logo and idle reason


MachineScope Adapters

  • Off-the-shelf library of MachineScope adapters for various machines and sensors

  • Supports various types controllers and machines e.g. FANUC, HAAS, YCM, MORI- SEIKI, SIEMENS, MAZAK, ACE, Excel etc. (Please contact for the complete list)

  • Extensible design to integrate with legacy machinery/sensors

  • Works with HW adapters e.g. Moxa

Why MachineScope?

  • Supports variety of protocols e.g. MTconnect, OPC-UA, HAAS, etc. over Ethernet Serial.

  • Flexible to work with any machine type or sensors

  • Easy to deploy next gen micro services architecture available in cloud and on –premise.

  • Ease of maintenance via remote upgrades

  • Lower total cost of ownership.

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