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Paperless operations tracking | Supervisory AI trainer

Downtime and Quality tracking

Mate syncs up with machine status and gathers corresponding inputs from operators.

Quality inspectors can use Mate to input quality of jobs.

Saves manual work and improves accuracy

MachineScope aggregates the information that users provide via Mate.


This takes away the paperwork, saves time and improves accuracy of operations and quality tracking.

Tags data streams with supervisory inputs

MachineScope's AI engine will leverage  Mate inputs.

The inputs play a supervisory training role to tag the data trends to enable failure predictions in specific scenarios.

MachineScope Mate

Operations and Quality life cycle management

Smart phone or Tablet based Mate interface automatically syncs up with MachineStatus and helps track machine state and quality from the production floor.

  • Capture operations activities

  • Record production downtime reasons

  • Verify and record part quality inspections

  • Customize logo and downtime reasons.

Operations, quality and cost analysis tracking

Every activity on production floor costs money. 

To optimize the costs, its important to accurately measure the spending continuously. 

MachineScope records the data from multiple Mates and offers reports to provide insights into operations activities, reasons and corresponding costs per shift, per day, per week, per month or per year.

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