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Fusion | Genius

Intelligent Edge for Digital Twins | High scale Data stream processing


Ready out of the box

Offers off the shelf dashboards that gets Plant Manager or Executive going from day-1​.

Secured web browser access and role based access control for information segregation.

Flexible & any Cloud compatible

Every organization need some customization to align with the business workflow.

MachineScope dashboards are flexible. System can be integrated with BPS such as ERP, Email, Slack and Cloud services.  

Highly intuitive

MachineScope generates alerts on KPIs. Alerts can be configured to suite users business processes. 

MachineScope notifies when problem happens or about to happen thereby speeding up the issue resolution.

Factory Efficiency 

  • Floor productivity dashboard.

  • Factory, building, cell group or machine level efficiency.

  • Email Alerts.

  • Role based access control.


Fusion and Genius

Fusion and Genius are microservices core engines of MachineScope software.

Fusion is a highly scalable intelligent edge that continuously gathers data from various industrial assets, normalizes and contextualize it to create digital twins of the assets. 
Fusion integrates with MachineScope PowerPlays, MachineScope Mates as well as other factory business systems.

Genius uses the latest generation correlation, trending, machine learning, and AI techniques to create information trends and detect patterns & anomalies.
Genius resides in the cloud or on-premise and can be integrated with AWS, Azure, and Google cloud services.


Collect and store key machine metrics 24x7. Correlate data across machines, jobs, locations, or shifts. Be alerted instantly when conditions occur that are outside of normal operations.


Using a continuous feed of your data, machine learning algorithms will identify subtle changes and anomalies in your workflow that point toward inefficiencies.


Use data, not just "gut feel" to improve your operations. Identify and correct issues fast. Errors are costly if not caught early. Reduce downtime and waste.

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