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Operations insights to enable continuous production with social distancing 

Advanced Operations Analytics | Single pane of glass

Remote operations are even more critical now.

Industry 4.0, the era of smart manufacturing, is here and, now, even more critical to ensure continuity of manufacturing operations. 

Digitization of the manufacturing process will deliver a new level of efficiencies that were not possible until now.

MachineScope offers a highly scalable Industry 4.0 Performance and Analytics Solution.

If you can't measure it, then you can't improve it.

MachineScope solution
Fusion & Genius

24/7 Real-Time

Dashboard for production

data and status


Supervisory AI

training interface

Advanced data analysis for segmenting data, trending,

anomaly detection and alerting​

Operator interface to track

machine state and quality from the

production floor

Why MachineScope ?

Out of the box solution

As a production executive, you need to focus on your core objectives, i.e., manufacturing.

You don't have time to assemble IT components to create an IIoT solution.

Leverage MachineScope solution  to drive your business from day-1 of deployment.

360 degree coverage

Discrete Manufacturing is a hybrid environment with various machines from multiple vendors.

MachineScope supports a hybrid environment with plug-n-play capability.

Simple to Use & Scalable

Simplicity drives adoption.

MachineScopes comes with off-the-shelf dashboards, and reports build on real-life use cases.

MachineScope is scalable to cover multiple assets at multiple sites and let you access your factory from anywhere.

Subscription Options

Keeping TCO low drives the bottom line and maximizes ROI.

MachineScope offers subscription pricing per machine so you can pay as you grow.

About Us

Digitization is driving new demands in almost all the industry segments. Our goal is to offer innovative IoT solutions for manufacturing, energy, oil & gas as well as transport industries.

​At indusintel, we are passionate about solving problems and delivering process improvement insights through monitoring, measuring, and visualization of data. We believe in the "art" of engineering, where we strive to produce designs and solutions that are Precise,Elegant, and Reliable.

​We are a "make it happen" team with extensive experience in various fields including high tech and manufacturing industry.

Note : This website may provide details of future road map items that are not part of the current shipping product.

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