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The Team


Chief Executive Office & co-Founder

Sachin Saswade

Sachin is a passionate leader who loves delivering easy to use IoT applications that provide business benefits & value to the customers.

Sachin has extensive industry experience in various companies such as Cisco, Wipro, McAfee, OSI, GTE research, and L&T. 

Sachin's alma matter includes Leavey School of Business @ Santa Clara University, Graduate School of Business @ Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology @ Mumbai, India.


Technology Adviser

Todd Lizambri

Todd is a highly motivated and experienced leader proficient in system architectures/solutions, development, and research.

Todd started his career in software as an engineer at IBM. He loves conceptualizing and applying new technologies such as sensing, machine learning and pattern matching to IoT applications. 

Todd was CTO for Saas job search engine. The majority of Todd's career has focused on network and device monitoring and data aggregation at Ace*comm, Qovia, and Cisco Systems.


Senior Systems Engineer

Ketan Mohide

Ketan is a Computer Engineering graduate and a Full stack engineer. He likes to solve competitive programming problems in java and loves working on user experience using JavaScript technologies like Angular.

He has extensive experience working with customers for deployment, configuration and consultation of MachineScope solution in Industrial IoT space. 

He loves playing football and had been a regular player during his college days. Loves to read novels in his leisure time. 


Chief Development Officer & co-Founder

Gopal Ramanujam

Gopal loves software designing and developing high performing and mission-critical large-scale software applications. 


He is keen on using cutting edge and open-source technologies to build innovative and user-friendly IoT solutions. 

Gopal has 20+ Years of experience in Software architecture, Design, and Development. Gopal loves solving complex problems by using techniques such as Machine learning.


Director of Development and Operations - India

Anjali Kulkarni

Anjali believes in working with the end-users to implement easy-to-use solutions that deliver desired output using the best technology. She has 20+ years of experience in developing and managing customized applications from conceptualization to go-live. 

She has a keen understanding of various business processes such as stores and inventory management,  procurement management, production planning, sales and marketing, accounting, design, and calibration. Anjali also has extensive experience in working with Manufacturing Industries.


Systems Engineer

Rucha Kshirsagar

Rucha is Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering graduate. 
She has 2 years of experience in Technical support in companies TCS and JohnDeere. 

Currently she is working as a JAVA developer and supporting customers.

She loves painting, exploring new places and playing outdoor games.

Digitization is driving new demands in almost all the industry segments. Our goal is to offer innovative IoT solutions for

manufacturing, energy, oil & gas as well as transport industries.

At indusintel, we are passionate about solving problems and delivering process improvement insights through monitoring, measuring, and visualization of data. We believe in the "art" of engineering, where we strive to produce designs and solutions that are Precise,Elegant, and Reliable.

We are a "make it happen" team with extensive experience in various fields including high tech and manufacturing industry.

  • The details matter. Yes, even the little things.

  • Listen...and verify what you think you heard.

  • Get feedback early and often with iterative improvement.

  • Choose collaboration over working in isolation.

  • Welcome other's perspectives.

  • Challenge the status quo.

  • Build quality into your work.

  • Choose flexibility over rigidness.

  • Keep it Simple. Complexity does not make it better.

  • Measure when possible; estimate when needed.

  • Design with the future in mind.

  • Reuse, recycle, re-factor.

  • Don't settle for "good enough".

  • Be optimistic!

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