The Team


Sachin Saswade

Chief Executive Officer & co-Founder

Sachin is a passionate leader who loves delivering simple to use Enterprise applications that provide business benefits & value to the customers.


Faiyaz Shahpurwala


Faiyaz is Chief Strategy Officer at Fortanix. He also held several senior leadership positions, including as Senior VP at Cisco and IBM.


Todd Lizambri

Technology Advisor

Todd is a highly motivated and experienced leader proficient in system architectures/solutions, development, and research.


Gopal Ramanujam

Chief Development Officer & co-Founder

Gopal loves software designing and developing high performing and mission-critical large-scale software applications. 


Mohan Mahal


Mahal is Senior Vice President at Xoriant Corp. He held senior leadership positions, including as Senior Director at Cisco.


Sudhir Kadam


Sudhir is Innovation and Growth Strategist. He also held senior leadership positions, including as Senior VP at Mobilum and Soma Networks.


Anjali Kulkarni

Director of Development and Operations - India

Anjali believes in working with the end-users to implement easy-to-use solutions that deliver desired output using the best technology.


Tenry Fu


Tenry is the CEO & Co-founder of Spectro Cloud. He was the CTO/co-founder of Cliqr (acquired by Cisco). 

Digitization is driving new demands in almost all the industry segments. Our goal is to offer innovative IoT solutions for

manufacturing, energy, oil & gas as well as transport industries.

At indusintel, we are passionate about solving problems and delivering process improvement insights through monitoring, measuring, and visualization of data. We believe in the "art" of engineering, where we strive to produce designs and solutions that are Precise,Elegant, and Reliable.

We are a "make it happen" team with extensive experience in various fields including high tech and manufacturing industry.

  • The details matter. Yes, even the little things.

  • Listen...and verify what you think you heard.

  • Get feedback early and often with iterative improvement.

  • Choose collaboration over working in isolation.

  • Welcome other's perspectives.

  • Challenge the status quo.

  • Build quality into your work.

  • Choose flexibility over rigidness.

  • Keep it Simple. Complexity does not make it better.

  • Measure when possible; estimate when needed.

  • Design with the future in mind.

  • Reuse, recycle, re-factor.

  • Don't settle for "good enough".

  • Be optimistic!